InsightLeap Now Supports All Amazon Regions for Brands and Agencies

Today, we are pleased to further help brands and agencies across the globe with our latest product release supporting Amazon regions outside of the US. This means we are able to unify eCommerce product data from multiple regions in one platform. We believe this will help streamline your Amazon eCommerce operations and enable your team to be more efficient in understanding what’s happening with your products.

InsightLeap - Amazon Regions Support
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A Conversation with Rina Yashayeva, VP, Marketplace Strategy at Stella Rising about eCommerce Strategies for Brands

“Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.” That saying is true for Rina Yashayeva, the VP of Marketplace Strategy at Stella Rising. With a background in Retail and Fashion, she started her career in New York, before transitioning to E-Commerce, and moving to Seattle to work at Amazon.

At Amazon, Rina held several different roles, starting with joining the Beauty team to launch and manage some of the most prominent brands such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, Garnier, and Conair, growing them to top tier vendors in Amazon Canada. Eventually, when an opportunity presented itself to work for an Amazon subsidiary called Quidsi (parent of in New York, she took it. It’s safe to say she’s a New Yorker at heart!

In her third and final role, Rina led Business Development efforts for Beauty on Amazon, launching dozens of emerging beauty brands onto the platform. After years of internal vendor management, marketing, and business development Amazon experience, Rina made the move to the agency side, where she leads Marketplace Strategy at Stella Rising.

In this interview, Rina shares her perspective on Amazon strategies, the importance of leveraging eCommerce data, and how she works with new consumer brand clients. Enjoy!

Rina Yashayeva - Marketplace Strategy - Stella Rising
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John Ghiorso’s 12 Year Journey Building Orca Pacific into a Leading Amazon Agency

It’s one thing to see an opportunity, but it’s another thing to execute and see it through. That’s what John Ghiorso, the founder & CEO at Orca Pacific, did when he realized almost a decade ago that Amazon was going to be the dominant player in eCommerce. He rallied around his conviction and initial market demand for his Amazon services to build Orca Pacific into one of the premier agencies that help consumer brands.

We sat down with him to talk about the early beginnings of his company, advice for consumer brands on Amazon, and the future of the eCommerce landscape. We hope that you enjoy the in-depth informative interview below.

John Ghiorso - CEO at Orca Pacific
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WD-40 Company on How InsightLeap has Streamlined their eCommerce Reporting and Workflow

Have you ever had to degrease your bike chain? Or fix that creaky door hinge at home? You probably used one of WD-40 Brand’s products to smooth out your problems. WD-40 Company has been around for more than 65 years and are best known for their iconic blue and yellow can with the little red top. They are the market leader in the multi-purpose maintenance product category.

Here at InsightLeap we are ecstatic to call WD-40 Company one of our customers and this week we are fortunate to profile Freddy Flores, who’s the E-Commerce Marketing Manager at the company. He speaks about the unique culture at the company, his perspective on eCommerce, and his learnings from throughout his career.

WD-40 - Freddy Flores - E-Commerce Marketing Manager
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How InsightLeap helped General Tools Increase Sales by 31% on Amazon

Scientists believe that what sets humans apart from other mammals is tool-making. Our ability to use tools to make other, more complex tools significantly contributed to the advancement and evolution of our society to the farthest reaches of our imagination. The tools allowed us humans to accomplish things collectively we never could otherwise. Fast forward to today…we use tools like a hammer, wrench, or screwdriver to fix a pair of old glasses or a rickety chair, which has its basis in our necessity to build tools for hunting. That’s pretty interesting and super impressive, if you ask me.

I’m excited to share that one of InsightLeap’s customers, General Tools, contributes to the history of tools and the advancement of Homo sapiens by manufacturing and designing precision specialty tools today. I spoke with Greg Bonsib, VP of Marketing at General Tools, about the history of the company, his role, and his perspective on their Amazon channel strategy.

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Kenshoo’s Nich Weinheimer on How Brands Can Maximize Returns on Amazon Advertising

Breaking even equals a sort of failure, right? Not quite, says Nich Weinheimer, VP of eCommerce at Kenshoo. Having started as one of the earliest SaaS platforms to help brands with marketing technology in search, Kenshoo has gone from helping 0 to over 500 brands scale their business since late 2017. Over the last year and a half, the company has leveraged strong relationships with Fortune 100 brands, agencies, and SMB brands, including all of the Big Six holding companies (WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, Interpublic, Dentsu, and Havas), to build out a global salesforce.

In the last 12 years that Weinheimer has helped brands build their businesses on Amazon, he’s noticed that as Amazon’s platform matures and makes more types of data available, the way we leverage that data and measure success has evolved as well.

I sat down with Weinheimer, who now leads Kenshoo’s eCommerce initiatives, to get his take on what brands should be focusing on when it comes to their Amazon channel, and what lies ahead for the future of Amazon advertising. This Q&A has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Nich Weinheimer, VP of eCommerce, Kenshoo
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How InsightLeap helps Navitas Organics be 50% more efficient doing business on Amazon

If you’ve ever searched for an organic maca or cacao powder to put in your smoothie like I have, you’ve probably come across Navitas Organics. Navitas is a health food company that provides organic superfoods like chia seeds, goji berries, power snacks, and Acai powder to the world. We’ve tried some of their snacks, so we can vouch that they pack a lot of energy, are super healthy, and delicious! You can find their products at your local grocery store or Amazon of course!

Travis May, Director of Sales - Online and Canada at Navitas Organics - InsightLeap
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Vendor Central Metrics – De-constructing InsightLeap Reports

This post leverages thoughts and insights from Aviral Gupta an ex-Amazon Product & Vendor Manager. He spent 6 years at Amazon in various product and vendor manager growth roles. He’s passionate about the world of eCommerce and what it takes for Brands and Agencies to be successful on Amazon. Read below on his thoughts and how Insight Leap makes it a reality.

We pack-in a lot of meaningful data in our Dashboards and reporting engine, so it’s worth highlighting key metrics and insights you can glean out of the data.

Dashboard: This view always provides you the most recent month and week view based on snapshot data available from Vendor central.

Monthly Reports – We provide you top sales metrics at a monthly grain along with YTD metrics.

Shipped COGS – This is the total sales generated by Amazon based on the cost price of the product (ASINs) in the account. This metric is tied most closely to the pulse of the buying customer, since more sales by the buying customer leads to more Shipped COGS and as a result more POs to you, the vendor.

We provide you the YTD number, along with comparison to last year including +/- % to give you an indication on YoY growth. You should always check if the YoY trend aligns with you sales targets and course-correct as needed.

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Amazon Vendors Never miss a beat, stay competitive with Alerts!

This post leverages thoughts and insights from Aviral Gupta an ex-Amazon Product & Vendor Manager. He spent 6 years at Amazon in various product and vendor manager growth roles. He’s passionate about the world of eCommerce and what it takes for Brands and Agencies to be successful on Amazon. Read below on his thoughts and how Insight Leap makes it a reality.

InsightLeap wants to make it easy for you to keep an active check on the health of your products on This assures you stay competitive and provide a stellar customer experience, obsessing over all the details possible!

With our product monitoring service, you can choose to receive email alerts on a daily basis (and weekly digest) at an account level. For example, if you have 4 accounts on Insight Leap and two account manager (AM) overlooking those account, each AM can setup the alerts at an account level to stay sharp on product details which matter to their day-to-day.

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The Single Most Important Concept for Amazon Brands and Agencies

This is a guest post by Aviral Gupta an ex-Amazon Product & Vendor Manager. He spent 6 years at Amazon in various product and vendor manager growth roles. He’s passionate about the world of eCommerce and what it takes for Brands and Agencies to be successful on Amazon. Read below for his thoughts.

I have been in many vendor meetings as a category leader where vendors bring beautiful decks, charts prepared with tons of sweat and long hours only to find Amazon is concerned with something totally different. What are vendors doing wrong? What does Amazon expect?

Vendors rightfully bring decks focused on sales. Total shipped COGS, Net Receipts, Open POs, ASINs not matching comp, ASINs running on low stock, etc. It’s very focused on sales, financials, with an intent to influence bigger POs from Amazon. All of that is good but Amazon considers them as ‘output’ metrics and Amazonians focus on ‘input’ metrics first.

So, what’s the difference? Where is the disconnect?

Amazon has built its entire retail business around the ‘flywheel’ ~ this concept is the brainchild of Jeff Bezos and even after 20 years, this is at the center of Amazon Retail. Amazonians live and breathe this! The essence of flywheel is to focus on inputs, factors in our control and the outputs will follow in due-course.

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