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Amazon Vendors Never miss a beat, stay competitive with Alerts!

This post leverages thoughts and insights from Aviral Gupta an ex-Amazon Product & Vendor Manager. He spent 6 years at Amazon in various product and vendor manager growth roles. He’s passionate about the world of eCommerce and what it takes for Brands and Agencies to be successful on Amazon. Read below on his thoughts and how Insight Leap makes it a reality.

InsightLeap wants to make it easy for you to keep an active check on the health of your products on This assures you stay competitive and provide a stellar customer experience, obsessing over all the details possible!

With our product monitoring service, you can choose to receive email alerts on a daily basis (and weekly digest) at an account level. For example, if you have 4 accounts on Insight Leap and two account manager (AM) overlooking those account, each AM can setup the alerts at an account level to stay sharp on product details which matter to their day-to-day.

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