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Vendor Central Metrics – De-constructing InsightLeap Reports

This post leverages thoughts and insights from Aviral Gupta an ex-Amazon Product & Vendor Manager. He spent 6 years at Amazon in various product and vendor manager growth roles. He’s passionate about the world of eCommerce and what it takes for Brands and Agencies to be successful on Amazon. Read below on his thoughts and how Insight Leap makes it a reality.

We pack-in a lot of meaningful data in our Dashboards and reporting engine, so it’s worth highlighting key metrics and insights you can glean out of the data.

Dashboard: This view always provides you the most recent month and week view based on snapshot data available from Vendor central.

Monthly Reports – We provide you top sales metrics at a monthly grain along with YTD metrics.

Shipped COGS – This is the total sales generated by Amazon based on the cost price of the product (ASINs) in the account. This metric is tied most closely to the pulse of the buying customer, since more sales by the buying customer leads to more Shipped COGS and as a result more POs to you, the vendor.

We provide you the YTD number, along with comparison to last year including +/- % to give you an indication on YoY growth. You should always check if the YoY trend aligns with you sales targets and course-correct as needed.

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